The much-anticipated collaboration between renowned house artists Marco Lys and Green Velvet featuring the vocal talents of Walter Phillips has finally arrived, and the result is a euphoric house anthem set to captivate listeners across the globe. Titled “Kiss From A Rose“, the track showcases the producers’ impeccable production prowess while seamlessly incorporating Phillips’ emotive vocals.

The track opens with a bold, bass-driven intro that immediately grabs the listener’s attention. The driving bassline is complemented by atmospheric pads and subtle percussive elements, setting the stage for the track’s dynamic progression. As the intro unfolds, the listener is introduced to the beguiling vocal hook delivered by Walter Phillips, whose soulful timbre adds a captivating layer to the production.

The first breakdown sees the track stripped back to a sparse, percussion-focused arrangement, allowing Phillips’ vocals to take center stage. This moment of introspection is short-lived, however, as the track quickly builds momentum, leading to an explosive drop that unleashes the full force of the producers’ sound design expertise. Thundering kicks, punchy snares, and a relentless bassline propel the track forward, creating a euphoric dancefloor-ready energy.

As the track progresses, Lys and Green Velvet showcase their masterful understanding of tension and release, seamlessly transitioning between intricate melodic passages and high-intensity breakdowns. The inclusion of a melodic bridge section provides a welcome respite from the track’s driving intensity, allowing the listener to catch their breath before being swept up in the infectious chorus.

The chorus, marked by its catchy vocal hook and soaring synth melodies, is undoubtedly the track’s centerpiece. The combination of Phillips’ emotive vocals and the producers’ masterful sound design creates a truly captivating moment that is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners.

Throughout the track, the production is impeccable, with Lys and Green Velvet demonstrating their keen ear for detail and their ability to craft a cohesive, immersive sonic landscape. The track’s dynamic structure, with its masterful balance of energy and restraint, showcases the producers’ depth of skill and their commitment to delivering a truly exceptional house music experience.

Kiss From A Rose” is a triumphant collaboration that solidifies the reputations of Marco Lys and Green Velvet as two of the most exciting and innovative artists in the house music scene. With its infectious energy, captivating vocals, and masterful production, this track is sure to become a staple in the playlists of house music enthusiasts worldwide.