In a coalition of supreme electronic talent, scene heroes Like Mike and Ginchy join forces on new single ‘Avalon’ and enlist the powerful vocals of Alessia Labate.  

 ‘Avalon’ lands on Like Mike’s Smash The House sub-label Green Room; a self-constructed realm for solo projects in the progressive sound space, with a personal touch of urban flair. Inviting Ginchy to the label, the studio stalwarts in unison conjure a deeply hypnotic soundscape on ‘Avalon’ which merges hip-winding deep house rhythms into a melodic after-dark techno-infused progression. Self-labelled ‘unconventional pop dance vocal diva’ Alessia Labate lures the listener in even further with her ethereal vocal overlay which mirrors a classic sultry melody and takes the enigmatic energy of ‘Avalon’s production to even greater lengths.  

Like Mike, best known across the globe as one of half DJ Mag’s world #1 duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, has proven time again the limitless powers in his arsenal as a music producer and DJ. 2024 solo album ‘HEREON’ spanned 16-tracks of pulsating rave energy, with collaborators including Giuseppe Ottaviani and Martin Trevy, and announced the arrival of the star’s compelling new melodic techno project. Yet another example of Like Mike’s diverse genre palette.  

Sharing in a limitless ear for sound design is UK-based collaborator Ginchy. Industry support comes far and wide on his eclectic releases with commendable spins from The Martinez Brothers and Joris Voorn, to Paul van Dyk. Creating a synergy between heavy techno and warm, emotionally charged house, the Ginchy sound is one staple only to him and best sampled through his own Ginchiest Records imprint and epic live sets.  

With such esteemed dancefloor maestros in cohesion, Like Mike and Ginchy’s efforts on ‘Avalon’ are sure to transcend music lovers far and wide into a higher state of being this summer.  

Like Mike & Ginchy ‘Avalon’ featuring Alessia Labate drops exclusively on Green Room this summer!