Milkdonna, a talented DJ and producer from São Paulo, is setting the electronic music scene ablaze with her latest release, “Erotica.” Her music, known for its rich character and sensual aesthetic, offers a fresh take on classic dancefloor anthems. Milkdonna’s ability to merge nostalgic elements with modern influences makes her stand out in the industry.

Signed to Alphabeat Records, a Brazilian label recognized for its promotion of emerging electronic talent, “Erotica” is quickly gaining popularity. The track’s techno energy infused with disco beats is capturing the hearts of dance music fans across Europe. Available on all major platforms, “Erotica” invites you to experience Milkdonna’s unique musical journey.

Having performed alongside house music titans like Dixon and Solomun in renowned clubs in Ibiza and Lisbon, Milkdonna has cultivated a distinctive sound. “Erotica” reflects her diverse inspirations, combining 80s Disco, 00s House, and femme culture. The track delivers a feel-good, discotheque groove that resonates with listeners seeking a nostalgic yet contemporary vibe.

The new track is out now, you can check it out here!