Hotboxx unleashes his signature sound once more with his new Tech House release, ‘CHA CHA’. Set for release via Groove Foundation Recordings, this brand-new single from the talented Producer and DJ brings the energy with its groovy beats, intoxicating rhythms, and catchy vocal hooks, incorporating references to the original ‘Cha Cha Slide’ from DJ Casper. As he delivers yet another vibrant production for his listeners to enjoy, Hotboxx reminds fans of his dynamic signature style and innate skillset that continues to support his artistic evolution and guide his creation of must-listen productions. 

Throughout his musical journey, Hotboxx has continually shown a determined commitment towards his craft, approaching his creative expression with a driven attitude that has seen him continue to develop, evolve, and explore his sound as he builds a discography filled with energetic releases. With a style firmly rooted in the lively sounds of House, Hotboxx has crafted a unique sonic identity that shines throughout his production catalogue; a distinct signature to Hotboxx himself, the groovy rhythms and bouncy basslines that run throughout his work continue to captivate listeners around the globe, expanding Hotboxx’s musical reach as more and more genre enthusiasts discover the bold and original vibes of his creativity. Now, dropping yet another powerful production, Hotboxx offers up a dancefloor gem to his listeners, bringing exciting vibes and infectious sonic colour with this new release. 

The driving beat and shuffled rhythms of ‘CHA CHA’ emerge as the supporting foundation of the track, building the momentum as Hotboxx works to layer in more groovy sonic details. As the familiar vocals enter the mix, adding to the funky vibes of the track, the dynamic bassline and underlying synths soon join, elevating the bouncy energy of the soundscape even further. With processed elements and catchy vocals guiding through breakdowns, ‘CHA CHA’ evolves into an engaging sonic experience, inviting listeners on an auditory adventure through its compelling arrangement of funky sound and lively sonic moments.  

With ‘CHA CHA’, Hotboxx places his signature sound in the spotlight, offering a production that comes as the ideal party-starter groover within his catalogue; a track that is surely poised to excite his listeners, be sure to discover the energy of Hotboxx’s ‘CHA CHA’ for yourself and remain up-to-date with him by following him across social media. ‘CHA CHA’ is out now via Groove Foundation Recordings and is available to stream and download across platforms.  

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