After grabbing global attention with his infectious banger, ‘I Want You,’ in 2022, La Fuente’s impetus has been on a meteoric rise ever since. Almost 24 months since ‘I Want You’ was unveiled, La Fuente unleashes an official follow-up of boisterous energy with the new single ‘Ratata.’ Unmatched in energy and heartfelt in his approach, La Fuente, a.k.a. Job Smeltzer, is a house DJ with a blistering 300 shows per year and over 15 years of experience entertaining national and international crowds, the Eindhoven-born emerging star is a multidisciplinary talent who brings renewed passion to the world of electronic music.  

We caught up with Job to talk ‘Ratata’, studio and touring life, and future plans!


Can you tell us a little about how the track came to be and any inspirations behind the style in your latest song?

The track started out during one of my walks. I walk a lot, sometimes 30-40 km per day, where I sometimes get inspired. This leads to me creating voicenotes. This track started as a walking rythym: like the soldiers used to chant “left-right-left”, in that same rythym. So this became my walking melody and rythym where I sang the melody while I was walking: “tu-tu-tutututututu-tu-tu-tututututu”.

The track has a really catchy hook and an even catchier name! What’s the story behind the name ‘Ratata’?

The same happened with the vocal on the track. I laid out the entire track and then felt the vocal: “Everytime I hear this song it makes me wanna go Ratata” that’s what the track makes you feel: a euphoric feeling, that energizes you. The “Ratata” right before the drop, came from that same feeling. I wanted to add a vocal that would lead to the keypoint in the track. And the vocal was also created like the melody was: during my walk in a recorded voicenote. It’s the pre-drop that makes you sing “Ratata” along with it, because its how the song makes you feel; I wanted to emphasize that and that’s how ‘Ratata’ was born.


You’ve had a collection of massive hits, the iconic ‘I Want You’ has topped charts and killed it on streams and at shows over the last few years, how do follow up from hits like this?

With ‘Ratata’ we’ve found thé follow-up and it also proves that we found the La Fuente-sound: which describes what we do in power and diversity. Which makes it more fun and feel even better to make even more records. So there is definitely more incoming!


Can you talk to us about the style of this latest track, how does it differ from previous works?

La Fuente is a broad profile: we play Tomorrowland Mainstage aswell as the Formula 1 opening show, Vrienden van Amstel Live, Olympics as well as the biggest festivals. ‘Ratata’ is a track that works everywhere, on all stages; it’s widely supported and filled to the brim with energy, hype and vibe which matches our profile perfectly. Catchy, energetic and getting everyone going!



Did you face any struggles in the studio whilst working on the track, do you have any advice for combatting issues while producing?

Yes, getting to the final track was challenging. Once we had the final setup; it went smoothly but other drafts were a struggle because I went into the studio too quickly after ‘I Want You’. Trying to create the follow up, which happened too forced. If you have to force it, you shouldn’t do it. When I felt and realized that, I decided to enjoy the success of ‘I Want You’ and took it easy, studio-wise. We had a nr. 1 spot in the Top40 for 4 weeks, won a Buma award, were nr.1 in so many charts and after enjoying those moments; that’s when the inspiration for the follow-up started growing naturally.

You’ve been teasing the track in your sets and on socials for a while now, how has it been received by the fans?

So I’ve tested the track in my sets during the past season, which is super exciting; you create the track and then test it on fans and crowds, not knowing whether it’ll work or how they will respond. I noticed immediately that the response to the track was insane: crowds were exploding with energy and everybody felt right away how this track was meant, and felt how much of a ‘La Fuente’ track it is again. It started rumbling on Socials where everyone asked me what track it was. That confirmation, that positive reaction towards the track is indescribable. You can create a track that you feel great about, but you have no idea what the response will be from the fans. When it ends up being fully embraced and more than approved: that’s an insanely great feeling!


Your summer is packed with shows in The Netherlands, do you have a favourite venue or festival in The Netherlands, and what makes that place stand out for you?

I love the variety of the shows I do: from stadium shows for 60.000 people, to a Formula 1 with race-fanatics all the way to a nightclub where I have played for well over 20 years: everything has 1 thing in common: I get to share energy and music with fans and celebrate the hard work that’s put into the La Fuente brand. There’s no place I’d rather be than playing sets on stage for fans and crowds; it’s truly my happiest place on earth!

We know you’re a fan of a nice-looking engine! Can you tell us what are you driving at the moment? Will this be touring you around your shows this summer?

I’ve had two passions ever since I was a kid: cars and music. It started with toy cars and cassette tapes, the passions are still there; they only expanded quite a bit. For shows we take the Maybach, which is very comfortable also because I don’t drive it myself. It’s still hard for me, because I love to drive, but it’s better for the shows I do, because it gives me extra time to relax and prepare. Besides that, we’re building probably one of the sickest Ferrari’s you can imagine. Everything is done by hand and we’ve been building it for well over a year now. Working with 35 professionals, covering more than 2500 hours on this gem. All of this is put into one Ferrari, my baby, the most insane car I’ve ever had.


‘Lights Out’ is an amazing track and what a feature, how did it come to be the official sound of The Formula One Heineken Dutch Grand Prix?

Thanks! So we were already working on the opening show for the Formula 1, which we did with Andre Rieu. This was the year right after ‘I Want You’ launched into all the charts and took over the Top 40, where I also played at the F1 during which ‘I Want You’ became the unofficial anthem, organically. So when they asked us to do the opening show, and create something within the collaboration with Rieu, including violins, we started producing. I really wanted to use the iconic “Lights out and away we go”, and so we did and the track was very well received and turned into the official anthem! Super cool!


We’re sure ‘Ratata’ is going to destroy dance floors all summer! Can you tell us what’s next for La Fuente, do you have any upcoming projects or collaborations in the works?

Yes this season is going to be insane, super diverse, insane season, very hectic and an intense tour schedule : but so ready for this one and so excited! We’re going to be travelling a lot, playing a lot of sets, also at major sport events; which is really special to be playing there; special for our profile and a nice confirmation for everything we’re doing . We’re hoping for ‘Ratata’ to explode and are looking forward to seeing and meeting a lot of people during this upcoming season within the craziness that’s coming!


Thanks for speaking to us today!

The new track is out now on La Fuente’s own label ‘Full Colour Records’ and has since seen a great reaction! Make sure you check it out here!