April 4th, 2024 – Industrial rock band, FLEISCHKRIEG has just unleashed their new single, “I Believe In Gnomes”.

“I Believe In Gnomes” is a song about our beliefs, who shapes them, and why. Many things that were too absurd to believe in (such as UFOs) have now been proven to be true. The crackpots have been vindicated. Now the gnomes ask us to consider what else have we been lied to about, and why. They ask us to examine our beliefs.  Are they really ours to begin with or did we inherit them from a society bent on hiding the truth from us?

The single was Produced/Mixed/Mastered by Logan Mader who has produced and mixed acts such as Fear FactoryDivine Heresy, and Five Finger Death Punch.

“I Believe In Gnomes” is available on all major digital outlets including Spotify and Bandcamp.

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