The London-based Producer and DJ IND:RA unveils his newest Melodic House & Techno release, ‘Remember Me’ via Panda Lab Records. A multi-genre talent, IND:RA is no doubt keeping the bar raised as he brings this brand-new, captivating release for his fans to enjoy; as he continues to build a production catalogue detailed with must-listen tracks, this talented Producer and DJ surely maintains his determined drive, continuing with an unstoppable momentum to stand out and carve a unique way within the world of Electronic Music. 

A force whose diversity and penchant for pushing boundaries marks him as a talent to keep an eye on, IND:RA has crafted a musical journey that continues to see him crossing genres to develop a signature sound incomparable to any other: an intricate sonic tapestry of House, Techno, and Acid, IND:RA creates hard-hitting productions that continually place the value of melody at their centre. Having made his mark on the landscape of Electronic Music, playing his part in the evolvement and development of the genre’s culture within his homeland of India, IND:RA is surely on a promising path, appearing as a fresh addition to the scene as he keeps striking out with compelling and dynamic music. 

With ‘Remember Me’, IND:RA offers to take listeners on a captivating musical journey, inviting them into a soundscape woven with detailed layers of driving rhythms, underlying pads, thumping basslines, and hypnotising vocal textures. As the track continues to build in momentum, pulsing synth lines, powerful risers, and pounding beats all join to add to the mighty energy of ‘Remember Me’; then atmospheric vibes take over as the track guides through the breakdown, building the tension with intensifying elements and stimulating sonic details. A sonic experience that is certainly original and distinct, listeners are sure to enjoy the mesmerising sound and refreshing energy that ‘Remember Me’ offers to them; an unmissable production within IND:RA’s growing catalogue, the track comes as the ideal listen to discover the unique and innovative style that IND:RA consistently showcases. 

A talent worthy of attention, make sure to keep up-to-date with IND:RA by following him across social media. ‘Remember Me’ is out now via Panda Lab Records and is available to stream and download across platforms. 

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