DJ Dris is back with his next powerful release, this time bringing mesmerising vibes with an Afro House track titled ‘Ethereal,’ featuring vocals from the talented Olivia London. Released through Born Digital Music, the production offers listeners dreamy vibes, inviting them on an enchanting musical journey that will no doubt captivate.  

With a signature style that continually results in impactful music, whether bringing high energy through groovy productions or creating tracks moving in sonic makeup, DJ Dris consistently places his high-quality talents in the spotlight, delivering music that continues to resonate with fans around the globe. Just recently releasing tracks like ‘Work’, and ‘Keep Trying’, DJ Dris is building a production catalogue that works to showcase his varied and original style, incorporating elements from genres like Afro House, Afro Tech, and Funky House, DJ Dris has curated a sonic identity that boldly shines through in each of his productions.  

With his latest production, DJ Dris once again shows off his wide-ranging skillset and distinct approach, bringing a track sure to stand out. Introducing chilled vibes, compared to the funky energy of his recent previous releases, ‘Ethereal’ no doubt comes as a unique addition to DJ Dris’ musical collection. As the track offers an atmospheric soundscape layered with the soulful vocals of Olivia London, listeners will surely enjoy the emotive sonic experience that DJ Dris has crafted for them. Featuring relaxed beats, subtle synth chords, delicate sonic details, and hypnotic rhythmic hits, ‘Ethereal’ presents a rich sound whilst bringing a calming energy to listeners.  

A fresh production from DJ Dris, ‘Ethereal’ no doubt comes as a striking new release, stimulating in its unique sound and impactful energy: moving, immersive, and soulful, ‘Ethereal’ is a track not to be missed. So, make sure to discover its powerful sound for yourself and stay up-to-date with DJ Dris by following him across social media as he promises more unmissable releases soon.      


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