Freekbass returns with another release, presenting a Funk/Disco rework of his own track, ‘I Know You Do,’ with his ‘I Belong To The Light’ remix. Having just dropped his production, ‘Change My Mind,’ Freekbass is continuing to keep his momentum high as he builds a production catalogue filled with unique productions. With this latest track, Freekbass invites listeners to delve further into his vibrant sonic world as he welcomes them on an auditory adventure through an immersive soundscape. 

A versatile and multi-faceted talent, Freekbass has made a name for himself on the music scene, winning accolades for his work across genres like Funk and R&B and touring and recording alongside top Artists such as Bootsy and Catfish Collins. Having just recently been crowned a winner of “TikTok Live Fest”, celebrating the top 30 creators worldwide, Freekbass’ reputation is no doubt set to continue growing as listeners keep discovering his funky sound and originality. As he presents a track detailed with compelling risers, his signature bass sound, and thumping beats, Freekbass breathes fresh life into his ‘I Know You Do’, making the track an unmissable listening experience for all his fans. 

As the track presents engaging layers of sound, incorporating catchy vocal hooks and intensifying rhythmic elements that build the tension and guide the listening journey, the production appears as an exemplary expression of Freekbass’ creativity. With the original track’s vocals taking centre stage, Freekbass adds a unique sonic touch, filtering the detailed vocal layers and placing them in conversation with his bold bassline. As underlying textures and subtle synth details add depth to the soundscape, the track keeps driving forward, offering listeners intoxicating grooves and vibes that will surely position this new release high on the list of favourites amongst Freekbass’ fans. 

So, with Freekbass showing no signs of slowing down soon, be sure to keep an eye on him by following him across social media to stay in the know about future releases, projects, and performances. ‘I Know You Do (FB’s I Belong To The Light Remix)’ is out now and available to stream and download across platforms. 

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