The talented Melleefresh and Hectic join forces to present a hard-hitting collection of productions, delivering an album worth of dancefloor anthems with ‘The Play Deep Sessions’ via Play Records. A powerhouse duo whose collaborative relationship continues to flourish following their debut project, ‘Snap It’, Melleefresh and Hectic are now offering listeners an auditory adventure of magnetising power, showcasing their impressive talents with a thrilling collection of tracks: presenting two brand-new productions with ‘Drop It’ and ‘Sonic State’, alongside other captivating singles from their release catalogue. 

As individual talents, Melleefresh and Hectic have both established themselves as exciting names on the scene, regularly dropping unmissable productions, their status within Electronic Music continues to be defined. A Canadian-based avant-garde Artist, Melleefresh has had nearly thirty years of experience on the music scene, displaying a unique and distinct approach towards music creation and working alongside other gifted Producers like deadmau5, Dirty 30, and Calvertron. Hectic’s musical journey has also been one detailed with exciting musical moments; based in the UK, the skilled Producer creates work across genres, producing impactful tracks that continue to garner him attention. With support from DJs across top radio stations, including BBC Radio 1Xtra, Kiss FM, and XFM, Hectic surely appears alongside Melleefresh as a talent to keep watching.  

With this latest project, Melleefresh and Hectic create sonic heat whilst showcasing their versatile talents; bringing energetic House beats with ‘Drop It’, the pair keep the listening experience engaging as they transcend across genres to offer hypnotising Techno vibes with the track, ‘Sonic State’. As the productions deliver thumping beats, driving synth lines, and the distinct vocals of Melleefresh, the pair ensure that this newest collection shines a light on their originality and fresh creativity, presenting listeners with the opportunity to dive into a lively and colourful sonic world. ‘Drop It’ keeps the energy high throughout, featuring infectious melodies, shuffled rhythms, and bubbly risers that join to build the intensity even further in the breakdown. ‘Sonic State’, on the other hand, delivers a different vibe, presenting a soundscape detailed with a pounding beat, gripping bassline, and playful synth hits. An exemplary presentation of both Melleefresh’s and Hectic’s continual individuality, ‘The Play Deep Sessions’ is surely a unique sonic experience waiting to be discovered by fans of the pair. 

So, be sure to explore the surprising and memorable sounds of Melleefresh and Hectic through their new album, ‘The Play Deep Session’, out now and available to stream across platforms, and make sure to stay tuned for more electrifying releases from the pair by following them across social media today.   

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