The California bass producer STUCA has returned to kick off 2024 with a massive new EP. The three-track project has launched the next phase of the prodigal creative’s blossoming career. Released through Kannibalen Records, the Resurgence EP showcases STUCA’s knack for unique sound design mixed with his fresh take on genres like dubstep, trap and breakbeat.

“Sabre” starts off the EP with a hybrid headbanger treat that has wowed crowds live at major festivals, which comes as no surprise given its aggressive but catchy sound. “Get Down” shifts gears for an electrified breakbeat anthem, while “WKA” closes things out with a more chill, but insanely grimy cut time record. All three tracks are incredibly well produced to the point that a case could be made for any of the three as a favorite. Which is yours? Check it out today and add your favorite to your party playlists.