Chasin Records presents ‘Implosion’, the newest Techno release from the Spanish Producer and DJ Vicente Panach. With a career that spans over two decades, Vicente Panach’s musical journey continues to appear as a multifaceted exploration of his passionate creativity; remaining an exciting talent, Vicente Panach continually produces vibrant and energetic music, presenting a powerful signature sound with every new creation. As he joins Chasin Records for this new release, Vicente Panach appears as a fresh figure to the label’s already impressive roster of Artists, supporting Chasin Records’ fast establishment as one of the most captivating platforms within Electronic Music.   

A multi-disciplinary Artist, Vicente Panach appears as an intriguing presence within the world of Electronic Music; having had over twenty years of experience DJing and Producing, his wide range of inspirations and unique influences continually ensure that his music stands out. Originally from Valencia, Vicente Panach has taken on several roles throughout his career, including expressing his artistic passion through his creation of visual art and collaborating with renowned Producers and DJs across the globe to produce striking musical productions. As he ambitiously advocates for the arts to be known as a powerful medium for human connection, Vicente Panach continues to cement his place as an influencer bound to make an impact within the Electronic Music realm.  

This new track from the talented Producer and DJ certainly delivers a unique sonic experience; featuring a bold pulsating bass, powerful rhythms, and a hard-hitting beat, ‘Implosion’ is sure to raise the energy of any dancefloor. As the soundscape is detailed with catchy vocal hooks, growling synths and gritty melodic lines, the mix builds momentum, guiding towards a tension-raising breakdown, reaching its climax with the return of the dynamic beat. An electrifying listen, ‘Implosion’ is certainly an unmissable production that is sure to put Vicente Panach on the radar of genre enthusiasts around the world.  

With his latest musical releases scoring positions amongst the Beatport Top 100 across genres, Vicente Panach is no doubt a rising star within Electronic Music and with this new production, he continues to prove why. So, as he promises to keep cementing himself amongst the top innovators of the genre, pushing the limits of musical creativity, Vicente Panach is an Artist not to be missed. Make sure to follow him across social media to stay up-to-date with his latest projects and releases, and don’t forget to follow Chasin Records to keep updated on the label’s next releases. Available to stream and download across streaming platforms, ‘Implosion’ is out now via Chasin Records. 


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