Angel District’s influence extends beyond his solo work, as evidenced by his remixes for heavyweights like Illenium, Seven Lions, Kenya Grace, and JVNA. His regular performances in Las Vegas, including opening for acts like Manila Killa, showcase his dynamic stage presence and undeniable talent. The support he receives from EDM industry artists like Culture Code and Juuku speaks volumes about the impact of his sonic creations. His new track “Carry Me Home” features incredible vocal moments that allow the audience to bask in the raw emotion of the song alongside some gnarly bass throughout the drops, especially in the final chorus. The build-ups take the listener to new heights, solidifying the power and joy of having someone in their corner. Angel District’s ability to weave personal narratives into his music makes “Carry Me Home” universally relatable, as it echoes the profound impact that kind souls can have on one’s life.