A new release from the talented Producer and DJ TSY, Chasin Records presents ‘Follow Me’. Marking the debut release of TSY on the label, this new Tech House track is poised to capture the attention of genre fans as it delivers catchy vocal hooks, groovy basslines, and energetic rhythmic details.  

The label, owned by the talented Producer and DJ Cody Chase, is quickly making a name for itself within the Electronic Music realm. As it introduces fresh talent to the scene, shining a light on the genre’s next up-and-coming Producers and DJs, the label is emerging as an influential force within the genre and a tastemaker when it comes to spotlighting the most exciting Artists and innovators currently within Electronic Music.  

TSY is firmly establishing his place within the genre, bringing a vibrant and captivating energy as he carves out a unique path within Electronic Music. Having had over ten years in the industry, he brings an experienced and knowledgeable approach to music production, consistently delivering high-quality soundscapes to showcase a limitless creativity and an impressive range of musical talents. An exciting DJ and Producer on the scene, this new track from TSY is sure to make his name climb even higher on the list of names to watch out for within the Electronic Music realm; a track poised to invigorate dancefloors, ‘Follow Me’ will no doubt become a staple in the sets of live DJs around the globe. 

Featuring electrifying rhythms infused with bouncy and colourful details, ‘Follow Me’ delivers an intriguing listening experience. As the catchy vocals establish the hook line of the track, the lively bassline and melodic synth enter, adding an infectious energy to the mix and invigorating the soundscape with hard-hitting grooves and sonically playful elements. With a unique sound, this new track from TSY highlights his distinct blend of the Tech and Electro House genres, marking ‘Follow Me’ as a must-listen release from Chasin Records.  

Make sure to follow TSY across social media to stay up-to-date on his upcoming releases, projects, and live performances. ‘Follow Me’ is out now via Chasin Records and available in all major online stores and leading streaming platforms. 


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