The Dutch artist and producer Moksi returns with his third studio album – “Moksi Crew,” this time with Samir as the solo artist behind the name and a whole 12 tracks to prove that he is more than ready for this fresh start. On “Moksi Crew,” the listener is taken on a sonic journey that expands beyond Moksi‘s signature house-oriented sound into all types of mixes and fusions of house, bass, and techno, which is evident on every track. Expanding on its predecessor’s forward-thinking sonic architecture, “Moksi Crew” pulsates with untamed energy and channels the raw spirit of the dance floor. The album is named as a tribute to the deep-rooted connection with the fans – the Crew – honoring their enduring bond and the ruff’n ready energy they bring to gigs across the globe. The opening notes of “The Treble” with Mike Cervello start with minimal tech house beats and add funky melodies you can truly get down to, while numbers like “Killer Flex” see Moksi adding hip-hop vocals from Bok Nero to truly bridge genres. One of the album’s hardest tracks is “Me to Blame,” which rides on bass and house beats with mechanical synths, stabbing basslines, and distorted vocals. “There Is Life” is a true techno gem to close out the album, complete with spoken word riffs. More than just the next chapter, “Moksi Crew” is an urgent statement of intent. Harder, better, faster, stronger, yet unmistakably familiar. While Samir has had quite the journey to arrive at the point of “Moksi Crew,” this is simply the beginning of a brand and exciting new era.

When I started Moksi in 2015, I never would’ve thought it would turn out to be such a versatile act. While pioneering the bass house genre, I quite organically expanded my sound to a much wider range within dance music. Touching on house, tech house, melodic house, deep house, and techno. For the “Moksi Crew” album, I wanted to keep building on all those influences. The goal was to make an album that reflects me as an artist while challenging the popular sounds within today’s house music revival. My approach to my production process was quite technical for what I’m used to. All to find interesting new sound design techniques to make it sound different from other music I’ve been working on in the past. It was so fun to actually get my hands dirty and rediscover myself. My goal as a producer is never to reproduce other people’s sound or to release music that connects easily to the masses. The contrary is true; I want to make music that pushes a sound forward. Music that builds on the shoulders of all the house music giants that came before me. The goal should always be growth, never success, because success is the thief of ambition. With that in mind, I hope this album will add to the ever-evolving story of house music.” – Moksi about “Moksi Crew

Moksi began their musical career as a duo in 2015. They caught the attention of Yellow Claw and released their single “Getting Higher” on Barong Family, which put Moksi on the map and eventually led to the release of 2 albums and numerous successful singles on labels like STMPD RCRDSConfessionRevealedBarong FamilyMusical Freedom, and many others. That same year, Moksi made their stage debut, which has led to an incredible list of amazing performances over the years at clubs and festivals like TomorrowlandEDC Las VegasSpring AwakeningUltra Music FestivalLollapaloozaBrooklyn MirageAcademy LAUshuaïaBootshaus and many more. Keep an eye out for more news from Moksi coming soon as 2023 and the release of “Moksi Crew” marks a new start for Moksi as a solo artist and producer.

“Moksi Crew” tracklist:

01. Moksi & Mike Cervello – The Treble
02. Moksi – Calm Down ft. Digitzz & Emy Perez
03. Moksi & Domper – Killer Flex ft. Bok Nero
04. Moksi – Ring Ding Ding
05. Moksi – Awkward Behavior ft. Dread MC
06. Moksi & RITN – Move To This
07. Moksi & Vysen – Me To Blame
08. Moksi & Nostalgix – Gimme Bass
09. Moksi & Eleganto – Black On Black
10. Moksi & Fightclvb – Dominican ft. Kapoh
11. Moksi & Gentlemen’s Club – Tempo ft. Emy Perez
12. Moksi – There Is Life