November 3, 2023 – A punk power industrial sparring match between two bands, ESA & Moaan Exis yields a crushing new two-track EP, Spit & Spite courtesy of Negative Gain Productions.

In 2020, just before the first lockdown of Covid appeared on the horizon. ESA and Moaan Exis played a show together in Prague, Czech Republic. That encounter comprised of an acknowledgement of mutual respect for each others projects, along with a pinky promise that at some point we would collaborate and put something together in the future.

Fast forward three to five years and the schedules finally aligned enough to create something that we all felt deserved to actually live. The artists wanted to make sure that whatever they put together felt like a 50/50 split – like ESA ingested Moaan Exis or Moaan Exis injected ESA.

They wanted to make sure that fans of both bands were able to feel exactly what a merging of these projects would sound like. ‘Spit & Spite’ is a double A-side of absolute power. ESA’s hooked up rolling rhythms combined with Moaan Exis’ punk- like industrial energy. Moaan Exis’s snarling basslines combined with ESA’s pummeling percussion.

It’s all there and in its purest form; the punk power industrial sparring match between ESA & Moaan Exis.

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