Mexican artist Nitro Fun is back on Steve Aoki‘s Dim Mak label with his new track “Fight (Show Me Who You Are),” which features Peruvian-born LA-based artist Britt Lari with a spectacular vocal performance. Nitro Fun brings the heat with a techno influence and opens with Lari‘s mesmerizing vocals over a rolling bassline and undulating melodies. The track places equal emphasis on its lyrics and crisp instrumentals, making for a sophisticated sonic experience. Once the “fight” line is dropped by Britt, the track sees its apex of dark, reverberating basslines and distorted synths take you straight to the underground. “Fight (Show Me Who You Are)” follows Nitro Fun‘s previous Dim Mak single “Bass Like,” feat. Ramlode & 2ka released in May. Read on for the artists’ take on their new track below:

I took a darker and more minimalistic approach on this song. In the end, I really enjoyed how every single instrument is relevant and clean. Usually, I don’t add a lot of delay or reverb in the vocals, but it worked really well on Britt‘s vocals. It’s the song with the least tracks that I’ve made too. All in all, it was something new for me as well, but it’s always good to experiment with new styles and work my inspirations in.” – Nitro Fun

Fight (Show Me Who You Are)’ is about stepping into the unknown despite the fear that comes from facing the truth of what it holds. Working with Nitro Fun on this was a thrilling adventure into a new sound for me. I think there is some real magic when combining dark yet dreamy vocals with ominous and powerful instrumentation. This song feels like a modern Viking anthem to me!” – Britt Lari

Nitro Fun

Nitro Fun is a human music producer from planet Earth. He’s known for being a pioneer in the genre of electro house with a mix of chiptune which has resonated with video game fans across the world. Nitro Fun‘s music has been used in video games such as Sonic The HedgehogForza HorizonJust ShapesBeats, etc. Given his musical impact, he has also performed at some of the biggest events in the world, such as Ultra KoreaEDC MexicoVH1 Supersonic, and more. With hundreds of millions of streams under his belt, Nitro Fun is one of the most listened to producers in Mexico, his home country.

Britt Lari

A multi-instrumentalist, she grew up playing music but became interested in recording and production at the age of 19. Though her focus is Pop/Electronic, Britt has composed for a variety of genres and does not place creative boundaries in her compositions. Britt‘s music has earned features from hit music radio stations like SiriusXM Chill and KISS FM to Spotify editorial playlists like New Music Friday. In addition, her music has also earned sync placements in commercial ads, tv series, and apps. She has collaborated with high profile artists from all over the world and signed music to multiple labels including majors like Universal Music and Sony.