Brazilian producer Different Stage is back on CONTROVERSIA with his debut 3-track EP “Chemicals,” in which he explores a new melodic and progressive house-focused style. On the title track, he kicks things off with a distinctive bouncy, driving house beat complemented with groovy and hypnotic melodies, setting the stage for the EP with an energetic house record. “Nova” is a bit more downtempo, with dark and euphonious melodies that melt into an undulating bassline, while “Higher” with Luccas Deo absolutely crushes with a frenzied yet cohesive combination of distorted vocal riffs, hypnotizing toplines, and driving beats to make for a guaranteed club hit. Different Stage has previously released on Spinnin’ RecordsSTMPD RCRDSArmada MusicEnhanced and more, and this EP shows off his dynamic production prowess in a new sonic style.

The EP presents a sound that is somewhat different from my usual style, which is melodic house and progressive house, but intentionally. I seek to bring a little new elements and show a little of my versatility in productions, which means that I’m always open to musical evolution or change.” – Different Stage

Different Stage is the name that gives life to the project of the Brazilian producer and DJ from the State of RoraimaVinícius da Luz. The project converges elements of the best in progressive house, techno, and tech house, which translates into an expressive sound identity. Showing personality, Different Stage had released on the most important labels in the world, such as the giant Spinnin’ RecordsSTMPD RCRDS by Martin GarrixArmada Music by Armin Van BuurenControversia by AlokEnhanced MusicBrasliveSirup, among others. One of its main tracks is “One Night” with Dubdogz and Pontifexx, with more than 1,7 million plays. Accumulating several achievements, it still had the support of several artists from the world scene, such as TiëstoAlessoNicky RomeroKryderAfrojackDash BerlinFerry CorstenDon DiabloCosmic GateYves V, and more.