AustrianItalian electronic protege LUM!X returns with his newest release – “Kids Like Us,” a unique and uplifting dance-pop smash that conveys the youthful energy of its namesake. Pairing cinematic and euphonious melodies with a dynamic, uplifting progressive house drop, LUM!X makes a true statement by incorporating an attention-grabbing and singalong chorus featuring children’s voices. The combination of joyous and nostalgic elements creates a truly special sonic experience that will transport the listener to the favorite childhood memories and partially encourage you to embrace the present moment with the same type of wonderment. LUM!X has been on a hot streak the last few years, achieving an incredible milestone of 2 billion streams across all platforms, as well as 2 diamond22 platinum and 9 gold certifications under his belt. LUCiD & FRiENDS is the pseudonym for a newly formed songwriting collective, whose members have been working with the likes of Karol GCamila CabelloIggy AzaleaMNEKCheat CodesSelena GomezMarshmelloKendrick LamarMaroon 5, and more.

Kids Like Us‘ is a song that has a very special place in my heart. As I crafted the beats and melodies, I felt the music come alive, a vibrant tapestry of sound that beckoned you to feel like a kid again. The title came from a place deep within my heart, a longing for the innocence of youth when the world was a playground, and worries were but fleeting whispers. Like a technicolor dream, the song paints vivid images of laughter, sun-drenched afternoons, and endless possibilities. Each note was a brushstroke, every lyric a stroke of nostalgia’s brush. It was a melody that transported you back in time while keeping one foot firmly in the now, a balancing act of emotion and innovation. What started out as a very uncommon and difficult topline ended up being one the most emotional songs I’ve ever worked on. The big vocal hook, together with the pop-ish verses, is something very different from what I usually produce, but for me, that’s the magic about this record” – LUM!X

At just 21 years oldAustrianItalian musician LUM!X, real name Luca Michlmayr, is quickly becoming one of the hottest names in the global electronic music scene. To date, LUM!X‘s songs have been streamed well over 2 billion times, leading him to over 30 diamondplatinum and gold certifications. With a signature style that’s as smooth as it is hard and refreshing as it is versatile, LUM!X represents the next step in the evolution of the modern DJ, bringing with him a sound that’s not only primed for the radio and the club, but geared for the viral airwaves as well. He has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry already, including Gabry PonteDVBBSKSHMR, and remixed the likes of Robin SchulzAfrojackSteve AokiAlan Walker, and R3HAB to name only a few. In 2022, he became one of the first DJs to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest, representing Austria in the competition. In 2023, he also won two prizes at the Amadeus Awards of Austria for Song Of The Year and Best Dance Act with his song “Halo,” featuring Pia Maria.