July 9, 2023 – Industrial label, Glitchmode Recordings has unveiled Derision Cult‘s The Mercenary Mixes ; a sixteen-track remix onslaught series that follows the acclaimed & explosive Derision Cult EP, Mercenary Notes Pt 1.

The Mercenary Mixes was crafted by renowned sound wizards such as Assemblage 23Moris Blak, Stoneburner, SpankTheNun and Stabbing Westward among others. This savage compilation promises to push boundaries and ignite the audiosphere.

The Mercenary Mixes will be available in its entirety on October 16th via Bandcamp while individual singles will be released in the coming weeks.
Secure your spot on this twisted joyride by pre-ordering The Mercenary Mixes on Bandcamp NOW.

About Mercenary Notes Pt. 1:

Mercenary Notes Pt 1, born from the twisted minds of Dave McAnally and Sean Payne (Cyanotic), alongside the talents of Reeves Gabrels (David Bowie, The Cure) and Chris Connelly (Ministry, Pigface), resonated with the roar of Justin K Broadrick (Godflesh).

“The buzz from Mercenary Notes Pt 1 was incredible,” shares Dave McAnally. “We gave our comrades the pieces and waited for the storm. The result? From the icy rhythm of SpanktheNun on ‘Life Unlit’ to the raw Stabbing Westward sound on ‘Deaf Blood,’ it’s an exhilarating ride!”

Prepare for live shows and a spring tour in 2024, foreshadowing the arrival of Mercenary Notes Pt 2, featuring a constellation of guest appearances, all under Sean Payne’s watchful eye at Glitchmode Recordings, Chicago, Illinois.

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