Los Angeles-based electronic DJ/Producer Vulture Theory has joined forces with HAWD HITTA and NoBueno to deliver an electrifying house collaboration titled “SYNTHETIC SANDS.” Released on the prestigious SEARCHPRTY RECORDS label, this track couldn’t have come at a better time, dropping right in the midst of peak festival season. Together, these artists have crafted a tune that is tailor-made for the mainstage, destined to set the dance floors ablaze throughout the summer.

Vulture Theory, known by his real name Dustin DePalama-Shields, conceived the idea for the track and quickly looped in HAWD HITTA, who added a half-time introduction and brought NoBueno into the mix. The trio’s collaboration on “SYNTHETIC SANDS” showcases their synergy and creativity, resulting in a track that captivates from start to finish.