Cyazon unveils a new hard-hitting Dubstep remix of RL Grime & NERO’s hit ‘Renegade’. The talented music Producer strikes back with a powerful take on the well-known track by these two heavyweight names in the Electronic Dance music world, displaying his very own sound and style, while keeping the energy and color of the original. 

Known for his futuristic and cyberpunk productions that blend elements from Dubstep, Electro House, Synthwave and Midtempo, to name some of the genres the artist experiments with, Cyazon has crafted a sound and style that characterizes him and his project, delivering hard-hitting productions at a constant rate and pushing his name even higher on the list of Producers to watch closely. His releases, through top labels like FiXT, Monstercat and Bass Rebels, have connected with listeners across the globe, interested in the unique approach to music and style of this talented Producer. Now, he takes a personal favorite, the popular hit ‘Renegade’ by RL Grime and NERO and gives it his own twist, underscoring his skills and sound, having as a result, an unmissable listening experience for fans of Dubstep. 

Uplifting arpeggiated synths start off the track, in Cyazon’s version of ‘Renegade’; the catchy and moving vocals from the original, guide this futuristic listening journey, while the hard-hitting steady beat blends in with the rising intensity of the track, to find a powerful drop with mighty basslines, striking pads and dynamic sonic elements that unleash the sonic journey. 

A mysterious yet refreshing vibe surrounds this track, highlighting Cyazon’s signature style and sound that showcases a futuristic, cyberpunk and cinematic approach to Electronic music production, while maintaining the upbeat and energetic sound and vibe of the original. 

This special remix is one not to miss, as Cyazon keeps paving his way to the top of the list of innovative Producers in the Electronic Dance music realm. Be sure to follow him across social media, as his release schedule is far from being completed. 

‘Renegade (Cyazon Remix Bootleg)’ is out now and available for download. 

Listen and download ‘Renegade (Cyazon Remix Bootleg)’ now 

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