Cyazon unveils a new mid-tempo track titled ‘Virtual Spirit’, following the back to back releases of his tracks ‘Tech’, ’The Future’ and ‘Digital Fractals’ in previous months; the talented Producer is back with another hard-hitting production that showcases his skills and vision as an artist, presenting his futuristic and cyberpunk approach to Electronic music, that creates unmissable productions that blend elements from genres such as Dubstep or Electro House and the influence of sci-fi, to distinctive music that carries his unique style as a hallmark. Surpassing 2 million plays across major streaming platforms, and having radio support from names like Don Diablo and Zomboy, his innovative approach to music production and his constant work refining his craft, are making of his name a refreshing one in the Electronic music scene. 

On this occasion, he introduces a new track that joins his catalog; following his previous energizing releases ‘Virtual Spirit’ is no exception, as a throbbing low-end, a hard-hitting resounding bassline and a shimmering mysterious synthline start off the track. Soon, the intensity picks up to find a powerful drop where the growling bass and vibrant synth drive the track forward. The enigmatic yet futuristic vibe of this track is evident through the pulsating beat and striking drops followed by glitching pads and electrifying sonic elements. ‘Virtual Spirit’ displays Cyazon’s signature sound and style that creates new worlds and soundscapes with each release, making him a name to follow for fans of the mid-tempo genre. 

Don’t forget to follow Cyazon across social media to learn more about his latest releases and projects, as his release schedule promises more music on the way. While his latest releases have proven to be unmissable tracks for followers of mid-tempo music, he keeps pushing his own boundaries to share his talents with his following. ‘Virtual Spirit’ is out now and can be found in all leading streaming platforms and online stores. 

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