Vampire Sex is back with another Tech House EP titled ‘Shock Therapy’ via Original Label; following their latest releases ‘Love At First Bite EP’ through House of Huemans and a 2-track EP ‘Wanna Know Sumthin About Ya’ alongside AbueKev and Hotboxx through Original Label, Vampire Sex are ready to display their signature sound with this new production, a 3-track EP packed with energetic beats and groovy basslines that will certainly get the party started. 

The first track of the EP ‘Modem’ features a hard-hitting Tech House beat with glitchy and groovy sonic elements starts off the party. A bouncy underlying bassline drops to keep the energy going, while enveloping pads and playful synths add new layers of dynamism so the track reaches a new level of intensity. A phone line and modem dial tone sample serve as breakdown to release the track to a seemingly never-ending and energetic dance party. 

‘Ledo FT. Ledo’, is the second track on the EP, where a bouncy bassline and steady beat mix together to kickstart the track, energetic pads and sonic elements add new colours to the soundscape; throughout the track, playful vocal chops and the main processed vocals tell the story, while the beat keeps the party going. With a refreshing yet groovy vibe, this track will keep everyone on the dancefloor moving. 

Then ‘Elfrow’ joins the trackless with a pounding beat and mysterious pads and synth lines that open this track. A steady off beat leads to a striking and funky bassline that keeps the energy levels up. A train sample marks some disruption as a speaking voice conversation sample serves as a breakdown to release the track to an exciting new level. A darker yet energizing vibe surround this track that closes this EP on a high note, delivering a Vampire Sex’s curated listening journey for all Tech House lovers. 

This new EP not only showcases Vampire Sex’s skills and sound, but also their eagerness and high-quality productions that keep pushing their own boundaries and presents them as artists to follow closely. Make sure to follow them across social media to learn more about their latest releases and live shows.’ Shock Therapy EP’ is out now via Original Label and available in all major online stores and streaming platforms. 

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