‘Forever’ hitmaker and house-lovin’ DJ/producer Ed Raissi takes a break from the studio to share his five tracks that have influenced him as artist. Expect a hot min of house classics, feel good rhythms and


1.Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You  


When talking about house music, I believe this song should be considered its anthem. It’s one hell of a tune that exudes a contagious energy, compelling listeners to dance, have fun, and party. It was originally sampled from “Chaka Khan – Fate” on her “What Cha’ Gonna Do for Me” album. 


2.Chaka Khan | “Ain’t No Body” 


This record speaks for itself, loud and clear. It is simply the best of all time! A classic song that has stood the test of time and remains an anthem. In my opinion, it’s the ultimate feel-good song. 


3.Shalamar | A Night to Remember 


This track is a timeless masterpiece of dance music and a classic that never fails to create the perfect atmosphere for unforgettable moments. It brings back vivid memories from my youth, transporting me back in time and filling me with a rush of positive emotions. As one of the quintessential 80s dance tracks, it still manages to sound just as fresh today as it did when it first hit the dance floors. 


4.Freemasons | Love On My Mind 


This is one of my all-time favourite classics. It’s actually a sample from ‘This Time Baby,’ a timeless disco classic by Jackie Moore that was released in 1979. It never fails to put me in a good mood.  


5.Richard Durand |  Sunhump 


This record was my favourite track from during my early years of discovering house music back in 2006. It still remains in my top 10 tracks of all time to this day. 


 ‘Burnin’ is the follow up single to ‘Forever’ from Ed Raissi coming soon. Watch this space and visit www.edraissi.com for updates.