Protocol veterans Stadiumx and Timmo Hendriks are back on Nicky Romero‘s label, this time together for their new single “Save Me,” which embodies both artists’ progressive sonic style. The track immediately captures the listener with its cinematic opening melodies and emotive vocals, signaling that the Hungarian duo and Dutch producer are truly at their finest with this one. The euphonious beginning melds into an uplifting, sparkling drop that’s sure to bring about the cathartic feelings we know and love from Protocol‘s signature sound. “Save Me” features vocals from Nashville-based singer/songwriter Jordan Grace, and it’s the second time that Stadiumx and Timmo Hendriks teamed up; the new single is a follow-up to their “Remember,” featuring Robbie Rosen, from 2021.

Founded by Nicky RomeroProtocol Recordings is one of the leading imprints for innovative electronic dance music. It boasts a roster of heavy-hitters, such as Thomas GoldDeniz KoyuTeamworxFuturistic Polar BearsKoslingMarc Benjamin, and Nicky Romero himself, complemented with immensely talented up-and-comers such as DØBERTrilaneMarcus SantoroTim van Werd, to name a few. All with a diverse range of sounds that are guaranteed to light up a dance floor. Among them is Stadiumx. Veteran members of the Protocol family. They have had numerous successful releases on the label, such as “Love You Forever” and “Harmony” with Nicky Romero and their original “Ghost” and, most notably, “Howl at the Moon.” On the other hand, Timmo Hendriks first made his debut on the label with 2018’s “In My Head,” with Lennart Schroot, followed by “Thinking About You” as part of Protocol‘s “Miami 2019” EP, which has garnered almost 4M streams on Spotify. His next releases, such as “Magical” with Lindequist, “By Your Side” with Jordan Grace, or “Be Alright” with Marc Benjamin, continued to show increased energy and a more mature production style, which resulted in more great collaborations such as “Into The Light” with Nicky Romero, “Hold Me Down” with Marc Benjamin and VY•DA, and “Keep Me Close” with Jeffrey Sutorius. Stay tuned to see what Stadiumx and Timmo Hendriks come up with next!