Growing up on the not-so-bashful sounds of A Day to Remember, All Time Low, and Forever The Sickest Kids, it’s no surprise that twin brothers Bryan and Jon Gorecki, hailing from Chicago, embraced the party spirit when they started BIRTHDAYY PARTYY in 2018. Since then, he’s stacked up a pile of credentials within the EDM space that has turned a lot of heads around the scene. His new 4-track-EP  smoothly blends together a little bit of everything and is an extremely well done project. Listen to it now below!

“This is the first EP from the project, celebrating 5 years since we launched. It’s both a reflection back on how much we’ve grown as artists and people in that time, as well as a vision of what’s to come in the future from us. We feel like we’re just getting started.” – Birthdayy Partyy