In 2020, the ‘Beside You’ album marked a new high in the musical career of Benjamin ‘Somna’ Leung. Two years on and late summer ‘22 finds the Vancouver-based producer beginning to showcase new material from ‘Beside You’s hotly anticipated follow up.

Opening the book on that, August brought us the emotional tides of ‘Pretty Lies’, and in lockstep, Somna’s first team-up with Julie Thompson. Into September and he debuts another producer/vocalist paring with an English singer-songwriter. Together with Sarah de Warren, he’s conspired to give our heartstrings the mightiest of tugs with the beautiful, epochal ‘Not Too Late’.

While it may be a first-time link-up for Somna and Sarah, De Warren’s far from a newcomer, having previously lent voice to the music of Tritonal, Gareth Emery, Ben Nicky, Jeffrey Sutorius and numerous others. She brings all that experience, along with bags of emotion to ‘Not Too Late’ – a song that, relationship-wise, isn’t afraid to lay it all on the line.

Somna mirrors the highs and not-so’s of Sarah’s tale with a production that knows exactly when to rein in and let the pads & chords do their work … and when to let the bassline boom, the FX grind and synths mainline.

Lending insight into preparations for the album, Somna told fans through his Facebook page that ‘Not Too Late’ “has been a secret ID set weapon for the better part of a year now”. More album news to follow in the none too distant future no doubt. Meantime, lighting its fuse , Somna and Sarah’s ‘Not Too Late’ is released today and available through all good sales & streaming channels here [].
01. Somna & Sarah de Warren – Not Too Late (Original Mix)
02. Somna & Sarah de Warren – Not Too Late (Extended Mix)