Danny Olson drops his second major EP of the year with Firelight on Seeking Blue. This four track project has been teased already with singles like “Waking Up” and “I Hope You Know” with RUNN, but now the project is out in full as the EP follow-up to Danny’s more bass-centric Club Cinema that dropped in January of 2022.

After the sudden passing of his dad last year, Danny was thrown into a whirlwind of emotions that he refined down into the musical homage that is Firelight. With the EP comes two new tracks on top of the other singles including the unique title song featuring the ever-talented singer David Frank. It’s not like anything Danny has released before. “Once Again” closes out the EP with the esteemed Linney for a magically explosive burst of emotion. Overall, this is one hell of an EP that not only is a must listen, but a must share. So drop this to your friends and make sure to follow Danny Olson for some incredible cinematic sounds.