‘Catch On Fire’ is the artistic meeting of Tez Cadey and Jess Ball, and its outcome offers us a pop ballad built around a conflicted love relationship.

Unleashing a sincere track filled with 80s sonics and a fizzling lust of danceable rhythm, ‘Catch On Fire’ is ignited further by the magnificent vocals of Jess BallTez Cadey’s ability as a producer shines through in abundance on the track as his production creates an unforgettable fusion of club energy filled with a mix of polarized emotions. The perfect musical background for a song narrative centred around two people who let their relationship turn sour because they couldn’t bring themselves to admit it no longer works. So instead of resolving their issues, they let their relationship simply ‘Catch on Fire’.

Tez Cadey x Jess Bell ‘Catch on Fire’ is available now via Egoist Records.