Boise’s best basshead in Kai Wachi is taking over festival season with his jaw-dropping 8-track EP SKINS. Released on Kannibalen Records, SKINS explores Kai’s more melodic/emotional side, but that doesn’t mean things get light. It’s still Kai Wachi; heavy, gritty, distortion. Expect a whole lot of bass, but while you’re headbanging don’t be surprised when a tear or two drips out of your eyes.

Jam packed with talent including vocalists like RUNN, Lexi Norton, YMIR (who’s been making waves), SOUNDR, Nina Sung, TeZATalks and Calivania, SKINS is all vocal anthems with strong songwriting and incredible performances. With this release Kai has taken over Dubstep Don on Spotify and Bass Box on Amazon… so you know it’s legit. Check it out below and make sure to catch Kai live this Summer if he’s even remotely close to you.

Kai Wachi – SKINS EP: Stream/Download