Live music is back!

In 2022, the month of March in the music industry arguably belongs to Austin, Texas and Miami, Florida with SXSW and Miami Music Week respectively. The majority of the events throughout the month in Miami are focused on EDM bringing in the biggest festival acts, up-and-coming artists and legendary DJs to Miami, Florida. Whether in-person or in-spirit, the music we thought might never come back to see live is a dream that is once again a reality.

The pandemic put a stranglehold on the music industry for the past few years, and as we emerge from the life of lockdowns and restrictions, the sentiment of relief and pure joy swept in a creative energy in many forms for many people.  “It was not easy to be business as usual when everything outside is chaos, so there were days where I felt like giving up” says Alex Vela, Founder of deepNheat.  “The artists who were selected out of hundreds of submissions have amazing music that we are proud to have at deepNheat.  The most rewarding part of all is forming real connections, friendships and a community of artists on the label who support one another making the process less scary and more collaborative.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

The deepNheat Miami Sampler has been an annual release featuring music from around the world. These selected tracks feature talented producers and DJs for a house music playlist with good beats, big drops and vibes for every mood. Check out a quick preview of what you can expect from each track on the 2022 deepNheat Miami Sampler below.

01 A.D. – Future Of Music (Original Mix) The intro sets the tone of an energetic storytelling experience guided by the title of the track, “Future of Music”. This song captures the futuristic theme through sounds that could be associated with outer space while a voice speaks over the track about the future of music from a point of view that sounds like it was recorded decades ago. “Future of Music” is the perfect first track to kick off the sampler.

02 Alex Vela – Lust (Original Mix) The intro’s muffled happy beat with the two piano chords ushers in clear and prominent female vocals. The first two minutes of the song was a very satisfying build and fade out that flowed nicely into the next part of the song that holds the female vocals prominent but turns darker on the backing track. “Lust” weaves from one sound to another while being cohesive and holding some elements steady across the whole track. The beat itself gets louder toward the end, finishing the song strong and danceable all the way to the end.

03 CALI(ES) – BEAT (Original Mix) The beginning of the song has very few elements that allude to what can be expected besides the BPM. The energy shifts are encouraged by the introduction of an added element that sounds like a day at a baseball game. The build is exciting and strong, only to simplify to a simple bass sound before bringing the energy back up. “BEAT” sounds similar to some 90s sports hype songs, and with the breaks and drops, this is a perfect festival banger.

04 CASTA(USA), Forgotten Modern – Be Like Me (Original Mix) The overall flow and the build up of the layers is well balanced with an easy phrase repeated throughout: “Everybody want to be like me”. This has festival energy, with great builds and awesome drops. Once the song itself reaches the peak, it gradually fades out to where the last few seconds of the song are just like the first for a full circle of high energy fit for dancing.

05 Groove N Hat, Society Haus – Shine (Original Mix) “Shine” starts with the deep bass foundation that gives off a Miami lounge vibe, which is a great fit for the sampler. There are surprises and moments of deviation from the beat that catches the ear, like around the 2:30 minute mark which gives an unexpected break in energy as well. The female vocals have a 90s R&B vibe with a great message repeating “This is your moment to shine”.

06 HellaFuct – 1Hunnid (Original Mix) “1Hunnid” is a hard hitting house track carrying some big sounds in a moderated song that keeps the party going. The familiar house music format is brought to life with the well-crafted composition amplifying the hi-hat and kick at times. The vocals were a form of “Keep that s**t 1Hunnid” as a reminder to “keep it real”.

07, Victor Balseca – No Signal (Original Mix) At the beginning of “No Signal”, there are some indications that this track might have a different vibe or concept judging from some of the sounds weaving in and out in the first minute or so. This song will have you stop in conversation to see if they heard what you heard…and ominous sounding voices and fuzzy radio frequency as if someone was tuning an old dial radio. The track is great for anywhere, so take a look around when you hear the radio part coming up to see the people who are also trying to figure out what they heard.

08 Roffe – Bounce Yo Ass (Original Mix) “Bounce Yo Ass” combines some of the best elements in music: the deep Miami lounge style bass, single piano chords and 90s sounding hip-hop. “Bounce Yo Ass” is hardly offensive these days considering the days of Juvenile, Snoop Dogg and others encouraging some dope dance moves. What makes this different is that the lyrics are over a house music track, making this Miami Sampler worthy.

09 Side B – Vem (Original Mix) As the track fades in, a flute leads in a lyricist rapping over the track in a different language which is the focus of the song. The cadence of the lyrics make it possible to assume multiple genres could feature the singer’s style. “Vem” has a steady beat throughout and is well produced with a sound that is unique and easy to love on repeat.

10 Tony Metric – Ready (Original Mix) “Ready” is an energetic track with great builds and satisfying drops. The song brings female vocals forward and are placed with intent throughout the entire song as the focus. The production of the track and the singer’s voice resemblance to Madonna makes this a fantastic addition to the Miami Sampler 2022.

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See you next year for the next volume of Miami Sampler 2023!