Distinguished Chinese-Canadian producer and DJ CHYL shares a huge passion for music production derived from her key to happiness – electronic music. Her unique take on dance music incorporates a female-empowering theme, and she has the career accolades to prove her worth. Her newest hit ‘Bestie’ is a collaboration between her and Amber Na. Looking to kick start 2022 with an energetic bass house track that celebrates friendship and women in the dance music scene, this iconic track is a great place to start. CHYL has been tearing up the scene with her modern and innovative take on dance music ever since the start of her career, and she states that with a million dance songs about love every year, it’s about time someone created a track that celebrates friendship.

With the intention to amplify female voices and perspectives in the historically male-dominated music industry, especially within the electronic music producing realm, ‘Bestie’ exemplifies their beliefs, portraying the uniqueness and value of female friendships. ‘Bestie’ performs as a bass house instrumental first with a heavy bass sound design and rhythmic vocal chops. She incorporates uplifting synths during the break and hard-hitting drums, followed by impressive vocal work from Amber to produce a seamless integration between their talents. The result of these two together transcribes as an uplifting, fun, catchy track that rocks the dance floor.

With a versatile style drawn from inspiration from artists such as Blinders, TV Noise, Curbi, and Malaa, CHYL has been tearing up the scene with her modern and innovative take on dance music since the start of her career. With her latest hit ‘Bestie’ dropping with rising talent Amber Na, now is a great time to check her out.

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