LZRD has quickly gained traction in the industry, with an amassed 150 million streams across DSPs, and has played at some of the world’s largest events like Lollapalooza. Now, he has the biggest and best releases lined up and is ready to share them with the world. Next up, is his song “When We Love” with Sam Tinnesz. Sam has charted as Billboard’s #1 most synced artist and “When We Love” is no exception. The song has already been placed in F Boy Island on HBO and will be in the trailer for the movie The Hating Game, which comes out Dec 10.   

With ‘When We Love’, you can expect to be transported into a world of your own as flushes of warm and organic energy fills the speakers, as it’s an enjoyable work brimmed with intricate subtleties that make you want to listen again, so you don’t miss out on any. As soothing vocals pull you in one direction, the powerful plucked riff sticks in your memory, making it an unforgettable anthem. Huge atmospherics play a massive part in this release, and it’s chopped full of hair-raising elements mixed in with epic synth melodies and hard-hitting drops bound to get your feet moving. LZRD really demonstrates the raw power of his talent with this one, and the vocal work from Sam Tinnesz is just the cherry on the cake.  

After the immense support LZRD has received since the start of his career, he is well on the way to the top of the pile of producers in the EDM scene. With an ever-growing fanbase of loyal listeners, LZRD is constantly closing in on his organic sound.  Representing him for this release is the imprint Kess Records, who are home to a plethora of ground-breaking artists, and LZRD fits right in at home amongst the ever-growing roster of talents. 

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