Flatfoot Sam has been dabbling in the intricacies of music production ever since taking an interest in the industry from 18 years old. He took control of the reins and kicked off his career, releasing a few vinyl bangers in the early ’90s which cemented his place in the industry, and shortly after he found his feet in a new line of work – promoting dance parties. Flatfoot Sam took masses of inspiration from aspiring DJs who saturated the dance music scene back in the day. He then went on to buy his own set of decks in 1995, starting from humble beginnings with some second-hand Soundlab belt drives that he used to curate his own sound. Throughout his career in the ‘90s and 2000s, his image began to develop further and his sounds reached all corners of the country at a menage of raves, parties, and festivals. His admiration for dance music has trumped every other genre that the scene has to offer, Flatfoot Sam has always been beguiled by the beauty and emotion conveyed through the art of electronic dance music.   

Fasting forward to the beginning of the first lockdown in 2020, shackled by the boredom and mundanity of being locked inside, Flatfoot Sam managed to harness his creative capabilities to utilize his plentiful time with 3 main tools, Ableton Live, Guinness, and some songwriting… Thus, the creation of TripField was born, a fusion of Leftfield and Triphop that incorporates speaker-splitting beats paired with the juxtaposing serenity of and underlying calmness of nature. The main features of TripField contain uplifting beats and subby basslines within the 80-110bpm range, where you have to listen to it to comprehend the genre-bending capabilities that distinguish it as a unique genre of its own. With the inclusion of subtle acid lines and emotional vocals and samples which are reminiscent of the early raving days including Leftfield and Massive Attack, also harnessing elements of the iconic group ‘The Prodigy’. Keep up with Flatfoot Sam as he discusses some of his releases this year.

Hey Flatty, great to hear from you. What have you been up to recently?  

Hi, thanks for having me. Well, recently it has been all about getting ready for the album release in December. I wanted about 15 tracks for it and although I have enough now, I wanted to make sure that I have more than this so I can choose the best. I only have about half of these mastered so far, so need to get a wiggle on.  

Let’s talk through some of your releases this year. Do you have a favorite song you’ve made this year? 

The last single to be lifted from the album is called R3lease and was the third single released 01/09/21. It is my favorite single so far and has loads of attitude.  

Which of your releases has received the most attention this year? 

It is R3lease to be fair, but then it has been the most heavily promoted.  

Is there a certain theme of music or sounds that you’ve stuck to this year? 

Oh yes, it has been TripField all the way. I wrote some trance for my own pleasure but TripField is the name of the game for the album.  

Have you struggled this year on any of your releases? 

Yes, some of them come very quickly and others take longer to finesse and get working. I always try to finish everything and not stop when I get to a point of frustration.  

If you had to pick, what song this year would you tell people to go and listen to?

It’s got to be R3lease to be fair: https://open.spotify.com/track/5YIhWVWGFnlQLkeA5ShOHf?si=a53b19331e594a90 

Were there any songs that didn’t make the cut for release this year?

I haven’t chosen the tracks for the album yet but there will be some yes.  

Do you have any more releases coming in 2021? 

The album is out 01/12/21 and so this is the end of releases for 2021. I’ll make a video for Ferry Chain which will be the main track to promote the album and then after that, chill out for a bit. It’s been pretty hectic.  

Does your music change in mood/tempo throughout the seasons?

Not sure about seasons but I am definitely affected by my mood. I woke at 3 am last Saturday feeling a bit blue so I wrote a downtempo sad track.  

Finally, where can we go and listen to your music?

All the usual streaming platforms of course, and keep your ears open for 01/12 for the album “TripField” and hopefully get on board with the brand-new vibe for the oldskool crew… 

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