October 12, 2021 – The UK industrial act THE ROYAL RITUAL has released a video for their track, “Glide Dog” originally performed by PHILDEL. THE ROYAL RITUAL’s version turns out to be a vast departure from the sparseness of Phildel’s original arrangement, resulting in a much heavier, industrial affair. The song is a B-side of the “Pews In A Pandemic” single which was released recently. It also appears on the forthcoming full-length album from THE ROYAL RITUAL due out Spring, 2022.

Here’s what David Michael Lawrie says about the decision to cover “Glide Dog”: “I have been working closely with Phildel on her new material, and as I moved from being a casual fan of her music into a more analytical realm, this song really, really struck me. It was one I kept revisiting. Even though the words have a strong meaning for her, they also seemed to have the scope for an interpretation that mirrored the sentiments of The Royal Ritual. We both admire each other’s music, and when she showed enthusiasm for me to do my own take on it, I pushed forwards without hesitation.”

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