Sony Asia continues to astonish with their Sakura Chill Beats releases, with the latest coming from the Canadian Miles Away, who was nominated for the Western Canadian Music Awards’ “Electronic & Dance Artist of the Year” in 2020. Miles Away dropped a synth-heavy take of “Identity” by Kiro Akiyama, which is The Promised Neverland theme song for Season 2. With 17 releases now under their belt, Sakura Chill Beats has established themselves as a unique force in dance music that is here to bridge worlds in a way no one else can.

With this remix I wanted to keep the energy and drive of the original, while injecting my own signature style of melodies and soaring synth lines. The remix features an energetic drop with chopped up chords and fills as well as an infectious vocal chop melody, creating a sound evoking a montage or cinematic moment.” – Miles Away