As we’re nearing the end of summer, Marvin Marvelous is back with another impressive month of continuous episodes of ‘The Marvin Show’, a treat we can sink our teeth into to get a feel of Marvin’s influences and impressive music taste, overall generating a buzz as to what we can expect to hear as we migrate from our makeshift raves at home and claim back our rightful spot on the dancefloor. With an origin in the dance music scene from an early age surrounding musical influences in his childhood home like Motown, R &B, Jazz, and Classic Rock that has helped to shape the music he shares with the world today, you can expect to be treated to a proper mix of the best tunes around with each show.

As far as genres go, you can expect to hear a heady mixture of House, Tech House, and Underground hits that will get you up off your feet and moving. Marvin has been surrounded by musical influences since a young age, allowing him to evolve and grow with the culture. He has grown exponentially in the industry over the years, so you can expect to be treated to the hottest tunes from Marvin, including some hits from artists like Alann M, Yuri Eleven, Jack Truant, and Cloonee.

His August shows welcome exclusive varying hits emerging from all corners of the scene, with a mixture between some underground tunes you can really sink your teeth into, down to the industry-leading hits that everybody can get dancing to. As we near the 8th episode of his brand-new radio show, it’s definitely worth having a listen. With residency on 4 radio stations, you can tune in here:

Marvinmarvelous Online:

Channel Music Every Wednesday 21:00 Weekly France / GMT+02:00
KL Radio Every Sunday 09:00 Weekly United Kingdom / GMT+01:00
Starter FM Every Monday 19:00 Weekly Australia / GMT+10:00
Clubland FM Every Thursday 17:00 Weekly United Kingdom / GMT+01:00