Jacob Colon marks another impressive release with his brand-new single ‘Summer Breeze’ on the way coming on 25/09/2021 on the imprint ‘Miami 305’.  Armed with a discography of club-ready anthems already behind him like ‘Don’t Stop’, ‘Desert Storm’, and his latest release ‘Eyes So Low’, it is clear to see that Jacob has been crushing 2021 this far. Jacob Colon is, without doubt, becoming one of the most reliable and consistent Producers in his format with the release production line showing no sign of slowing down any time soon. You can expect to be treated to that Latin-inspired groove and undeniable House funk that many of his fans have fallen in love with.

Jacob Colon lives and breathes all things House music and is emerging as one of the most talented and reliable Producers with a taste developed straight from the streets of New York, his authentic sound includes some rich elements and is a result of his outstanding career. Check out ‘Summer Breeze’ as Jacob offers up a funky and airy atmosphere built from plucked synths that get your feet moving combined with that iconic Jacob Colon drum loop responsible for setting his name in stone in the industry. Flute melodies decorate the outer edges of the track as they float around the ecosphere, adding to the texture of the song and filling it with an undeniable groove and pensive rhythm that would encourage even the stiffest of dancers to get their hips moving.

So far this year Jacob has been killing it, with several of his releases topping off an impressive discography he currently sits on top of. Releases like ‘Desert Storm’, ‘Eyes So Low’, and ‘Steal The Night’ have put his name on the map, and with his latest release ‘Summer Breeze’ out now, he is showing no signs of slowing down. If you’re not yet acquainted with the likes of Jacob Colon, check out his music now.

Listen to ‘Summer Breeze’ Here:

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