Hailing from Canada, threefold talent Kebi specialises in DJing, Producing, and creating art. Viewing his human experiences as a spiritual canvas of expression, Kebi’s unique feel-good vibe is a direct reflection of his inner world, which features as a delicate alchemy of deep house roots, disco grooves, and vast meditative experiences. His inspirations are drawn from ethnic world beats, disco rhythms, funky bass lines, groovy percussions, and an overall happy feel. Kebi always keeps his listeners guessing and feeling free in the moment, taking them on an intricate journey through blends of old and new sounds. If you’re looking to chill out and unwind, then tune in to Kebi’s latest release ‘Asherah’ featured on the imprint ‘New Something Records’.

Kebi has hit the nail on the head with Asherah, it gives off a huge atmospheric feel as the eclectic kicks off this production as the drum keeps the pace and gets your feet tapping. You can expect Asherah to take you on a journey, as it is brimmed full of genre-bending elements that provide an undeniable chilled and enjoyable vibe for all listeners. Upon pressing play, listeners can expect to be washed over with airy overhanging synths that alleviate your senses and transport you into a world of your own. The eerie lyrical work that is drenched in reverb gives it that spinetingling edge right before the release of the sultry drop that will have you wanting to press repeat as soon as it’s over.

Kebi’s latest hits like ‘Novoye’, ‘Lvin’, and ‘Only The Wild Ones’ have distinguished his name in the industry amongst others, and is a prominent demonstration of how far his sound has improved in the last year. With more room to grow in the industry, Kebi is well on his way to perfecting his sound, and there is a lot of excitement built up around the budding Producer. With more exciting projects coming from Kebi this year, he is definitely worth checking out.

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