Renowned Dutch artist NATHASSIA is back with another club-bound firecracker called ‘Lair’ after having successfully distinguishing herself as a powerhouse artist who has been praised for her multiculturalism and worldly influences. Her prominent live show capabilities and successful releases like ‘Rainmaker’ and ‘Star Sapphire’ paired with the successful launch of Her weekly ‘Goddess Is A DJ’ radio show is what keeps her ahead of the curve. Join the hype and tune into her show, which is broadcast to millions of listeners in more than 31 countries on over 10 FM radio stations, NATHASSIA is taking the industry by storm.  

‘Lair’ features as a high-energy number with a plucked melody that grabs your attention from the moment you press play, as she keeps you hooked with her stunning and feisty lyrical work. With the Futuristic Polar Bears remix, you can also be treated to fresh hits of classic EDM elements that will certainly make you lose your senses as you experience airy build ups that lead to atmospheric drops, which solidifies this tune as a major festival hit. If you’re looking to diversify your knowledge on the makeup of this genre, then you can definitely rely on NATHASSIA to guide you on your way. Overall, ‘Lair’ demonstrates NATHASSIA’S ability to branch out and master a variety of anthemic sounds to produce unadulterated elements of rich electronic sounds crafted for the enjoyment of her fans who stretch to all corners of the globe. 

With a notorious reputation for having the ability to take her audiences on a music induced emotional roller coaster ride, NATHASSIA has gone on to successfully forge her own style and sound as an electronic music artist with recent support from Blasterjaxx, Andi Durrant & BL3ND. Nathassia’s career has gone from strength to strength over the past few years as she has built a signature sound of Eastern and Western influences that blend beautifully with electronic elements, and ‘Lair’ is another well-rounded anthem to add to her discography of unique releases.  

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