Jacob Colon brings the heat once again with his fiery new single ‘Eyes So Low’ featuring on the imprint that always delivers – Made 2 Move Records. With a background of club-ready anthems already behind him like ‘Don’t Stop’, ‘Desert Storm’, and ‘Love Ahora’, it is clear to see that Jacob is well on his way to the top of the pile. You can expect to be treated to that Latin-inspired groove and undeniable House funk that many of his fans have fallen in love with, and his latest hit ‘Eyes So Low’ is definitely one to add to his discography of unmissable anthems. 

‘Eyes So Low’ features that classic Jacob Colon vibe that has distinguished his name amongst others in the industry, as you are treated to that zesty drum loop that washes over you from the moment you press play. The track incorporates a combination of Jacob’s tribal and Latino-inspired signature sound, combined with chanting vocals that add to the ambiance, making it an unmissable summer anthem that would go down a treat on any dancefloor. The woodwind melodies that make an appearance throughout the production engulf you as they decorate the outer corners of the stereo field along with a variety of vocal morphs and hits, giving it that deep and trancing vibe, perfect for dancing away to in the midst of the summer season. 

Jacob Colon has been on fire this past year of his career, as he has whipped up a storm of outstanding releases that provides the perfect escapism we’re all craving right now, and ‘Eyes So Low’ is definitely one to add to the list. As we kick back and keep this summer anthem on repeat, we wait with anticipation to see what Jacob’s next move is. 

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