Herbrido stands as a Techno DJ and Producer based in Stuttgart, Germany. Considering he started his career in 2019, Herbrido has encountered repeated success in a short period with his original and innovative twist on Techno which features Modern and Acid Techno features.  Things don’t fall short in terms of his talent for music production, which is evident through his latest release ‘Space Travel’, offering an eclectic mix of three brand new productions ‘Asteroid Belt’, ‘Beyond Planet Earth’ and ‘Robots on Acid’. With pre-established hits featuring well-known Producers in the underground Techno scene along the lines of Jens Mueller and Toma Hawk, Herbrido is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

First up is ‘Beyond Planet Earth’, which sticks to that grungy acid Techno sound Herbrido has built a reputation from. The booming kick drum fills the speaker and sets the pulse of the track from the get-go, before Herbrido chucks in those iconic shooting lasers with an acidic twist, giving it an extra-terrestrial vibe that adheres to the atmosphere of this sequel. Before you know it, the bass gives way for a breath of fresh air as the kicks and basslines pause and the rattling snares take over and the break grips you with echoed and eerie vocal work that send shivers down your spine. What stands out most about this first production is the power built around the second drop in the track, the tension rises as a barrage of snares build-up to a melting point before everything is stripped back to reveal the vocals before Herbrido lets off a powerhouse drop that would send any dance floor in the world into a frenzy.

Next is ‘Robots on Acid’, which again follows in suit with the iconic and four to the floor kick drum that emerges as the heart of the track. In this production, you can expect to hear robotic elements that give off that industrial flare backed by dizzying and electronic swirls built around the squelchy acidic melodies that prove to be a prominent makeup of this production. The main break of this Techno slammer gives the subs time to recover while haunting melodies with a progressively growing frequency fill the spectrum before the drums roll into a growing ball of energy, hinting at the incoming moment of drama before the energy quickly changes gear as the build-up turns into a frenzy of hard-hitting bass that fractures the sub frequency range.

Lastly is ‘Asteroid Belt’, which is definitely the hardest hitting of the three releases in terms of kick-drum, which enters after a quiet build-up from the beginning and lets loose into a frenzying state of pure unadulterated Techno fury with a speaker splitting kick drum bound to go down a treat at any cavernous Techno rave as the thumps from ‘Asteroid Belt’ are bound to reach all corners of the dancefloor. Between the piercing snares and the sharp hi-hats that circle around the bass, you can expect to be taken aback as this production throws you into a tranced daze of Techno sublimity.

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