Purple Fly, the world’s first NFT-fueled record label, makes a hard-hitting debut with their first single “Miami” from talented US-based producer BLVD. and legendary rapper/MC Fatman Scoop. In honor of both artists’ favorite city, “Miami” is an ode to one of music’s most influential places, and the track truly turns up the heat by combining Fatman Scoop‘s vocal hype and BLVD.‘s intense musical production into a multi-genre fusion of trap, dubstep, reggaeton, and psytrance. With serrating mechanical synths and stabbing basslines, “Miami” is a welcome assault to the senses for musical fans who know how to go hard. The release will be accompanied by a signature NFT drop on June 04 created in collaboration with Purple Fly‘s visual team, which helps the artists receive direct support from fans through every purchase. From the looks of it, this is only the tip of the iceberg for Purple Fly, so stay tuned to see what exciting new releases they have up their sleeve next. Read on below for what BLVD. has to say about the new track:

Miami is a city that means the world to me. Personally, I think it’s the greatest city in the world and it often deserves more credit than it gets. I teamed up with the legendary Fatman Scoop on this record and he truly brought the energy to a track already packed with surprises. What better weekend to release this track than Memorial Day Weekend? This one’s for the crib!” – BLVD.

Purple Fly is an independent imprint utilizing cryptocurrency’s hottest frontier as a platform for the spectrum of electronic music. The label’s goal is to support collaborations of all forms of art, connecting music and stunning visuals for an immersive experience that spans the sonic realms of trance to trap. It will be releasing NFTs directly on its official website with each music drop, enabling artists to have access to direct support from their fan base while expressing their creativity. Leading the pack of releases is BLVD., who specializes in raw and gritty bass/trap-infused music. After just a few releases, he’s already garnered support from industry tastemakers and fans alike and continues to push musical boundaries with every single. Fatman Scoop is known for his song “Be Faithful,” which has been a favorite in clubs around the world for years. He has also collaborated with numerous artists, such as Lil JonMariah CareyJanet JacksonWhitney HoustonMissy ElliottPitbullBob SinclarSkrillex, among others.

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