Vann Morfin and Laura Noble have joined forces in a seamless remix collaboration with Jacob Colon to produce their brand-new version of the track ‘Love Ahora’. Each of the artists have brought their talents in the industry together, Vann Morfin has a renowned reputation in the scene, which is built upon his passion for Electronic House and overall talent as a producer. As a testament to his hard work, Van Morfin owns his own label ‘Aravaza Music Spain’ which has brought him success and he is rising as one of the best-known producers in Spain, working with a variety of musicians and producers from around the world. Jacob Colon has gone from strength to strength after a big year in 2020, where he has shown off his knack for blending Latin American sounds with House music. The track incorporates Jacob’s tribal and Latino-inspired signature sound, combined with Laura Noble’s memorable vocal addition to bring the track together.

In true Jacob Colon style, he has amped up this sultry record and transformed it into a high-energy, funky tune with a solid House groove perfect for dancing away to in the heat of the sun off the golden shores with cocktails flowing in hand. The implementation of the Spanish guitar and eclectic drum patterns keep the party moving as he continues to add dimension through the introduction of delicious melodies for those insatiable Latin grooves Jacob is known for. This is shortly followed by Laura Noble’s infectious vocals to sweeten the deal, overall exuding feel-good vibes that get your hips moving paired with the addictive, rich-sounding synthesizers that drop in and out to keep the listeners on their feet.

We didn’t know we needed this team-up of absolutely phenomenal talent for the summer, but it provides the perfect escapism that we’re all craving as we prepare to get back on the dancefloor for the heat season. Jacob Colon has spent the last year knuckling down on his music which has resulted in some outstanding releases, and this is another one to add to the list. Hopefully we can hear some more outstanding music from these three, but right now we’re going to kick back and keep this summer anthem on repeat.

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