Jacob Colon is back for a brand-new release titled ‘Magic or Mystery’. This time, the New York House sensation is joined by the exceptionally talented Jeff Stephan on vocals. ‘Magic or Mystery’ harnesses a funky house beat intro whilst progressively getting into the tribal percussive stylings that Jacob Colon is known for. The track is stripped back to its bare bones in order for Jeff’s vocals to fully consumed you in his enticing yet powerful tones.


The atmosphere gradually builds subtly in the background, with clever use of dreamy synths and instrumentation that wash over you before a busy drop kicks in, taking the pace up a notch and introducing yet another hypnotic groove. The vibe feels light and airy, embodying both magic and mystery perfectly. Matias Parisi is another behind the scenes contribution who’s mastering talents have taken ‘Magic or Mystery’ up to the stars. This track is set to be a huge crowd pleaser!


Jacob Colon has spent the last year knuckling down on his music which has resulted in some outstanding releases such as ‘Thunder’, ‘Bliss’ and ‘I Want My House Music’. Aside from his music, Jacob has certainly grown his online presence through the launch of his lockdown-inspired radio show ‘Made To Move’ where he mixes together some of the best new releases in the House scene and brings the club to the people instead.


It seems as if Jacob is just warming up as you can expect more releases, collaborations and exciting projects on the horizon. Magic or Mystery is out now Aravaza Music


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