2020 has forced the “gift” of extra time at home, MIRR.IMG was not wasting any of it.  As lockdowns went from weeks to months of uncertainty, one thing was certain: the time spent on making music during quarantine season paid off big time with “Creepy Sound.”  The world of dubstep was quietly preparing for the launch of Subsidia Records, founded by bass music legend, Excision.  The EDM scene at large was mostly unaware of what was in the works, but MIRR.IMG was aware of what was to come and the world of opportunities that Subsidia Records could bring for all producers across the world.  “Creepy Sound” was the opportunity of a lifetime for MIRR.IMG, as it was chosen for the “Dusk: Vol. 1” compilation as part of the releases from the label.  MIRR.IMG undoubtedly earned his time in the spotlight, elevating “Creepy Sound” to a platform that was a hands-on curation of the best and most talented producers in the world. He continues to put in the late nights and long hours, driven by his passion for music and ambition to take his career in the industry to the next level. 


 MIRR.IMG sat down with IWANTEDM for a quick Q&A about his experience working with Subsidia Records for his track “Creepy Sound.” Check it out below!


 How did you find out that you would be a part of the first ever release on Subsidia Records?

 When Excision confirmed he would sign the song, I thought it was going to be released through a compilation on his page, like the Lost Lands albums. We were all kept out of the loop until the week of the release. They really wanted it to be kept a secret up until the day of the announcement.


 How did you choose “Creepy Sound” as the track to submit?

 After finishing the track, I knew that it was some of my best work. I would send unreleased music to Excision often and he would download most of them. When I sent him “Creepy Sound,” he expressed interest in the track and said that he would sign it if it wasn’t already taken.


What was your experience working with the label?

 My experience with Subsidia has been very pleasant. They took care of everything very professionally. Prior to the release, they sent me all assets necessary for effectively promoting “Creepy Sound” and gave me advice on how to do so.


How has your release on Subsidia affected your career as a producer?

 Being involved with Subsidia has been very helpful for me as an artist. They’ve helped me get noticed by thousands of dubstep fans. I’m very grateful to be part of the launch and their team. In the 12 years I’ve been making music, this is the first time it’s felt like I have a real career path in this industry. 


Has COVID had an influence on you/your music/your process of creating music?

 After COVID started, I was furloughed from work for months. I used that time to grind on music, staying up until 4/5 AM almost every night, which led to me making “Creepy Sound.” I used this time to sharpen my skills as a producer and really hone in my sound. In a way, it was a blessing in disguise.


 What’s next for you?

 I have a bunch of new music that I plan to release throughout 2021, including originals, remixes/flips, and collabs with heavy hitters. I also plan to release my debut EP at some point next year.


MIRR.IMG’s next release “Tickle Your Bones” is out now




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MIRR.IMG – Creepy Sound | Out Now On Subsidia – Dusk Vol. 1

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