Jonjo Drake’s certainly means business with his latest release ‘Integral Design’. Kicking things off with pulse-raising beats that steadily build up with intensity, Jonjo teases the senses with elongated chords that ring in your ears before introducing tribalistic percussion that really get the track going. A catchy melody brings itself to the forefront before a gritty drop kicks in, switching up the vibe completely. If that wasn’t enough, the mid-section welcomes a dramatic symphony of sounds that are robotic and domineering before evolving once again into a sensational techno beat.


Just when you calm down from the original track, ‘Integral Design’ has been given another lease of life through the remix expertise of The Enveloper. Showing off his sound design skills, your senses are tingling from the very first beat. In comparison to the original, The Envelopers take is stripped back in sound but really focusses in on those pumping beats that drives the track forwards. Keeping in with Jonjo’s melodies, the reinterpretation features countdown-like elements bound with increasingly rising synths make for an insane drop.


Jonjo Drake is a 20-year-old producer from England who discovered his love for Techno after witnessing legends such as Carl Cox and Adam Beyer dominate festival stages. Connecting with the genre on a deeper level, Jonjo Drake’s music celebrates Hard Techno as it features dark and driving percussion and massive synth lines. Drawing inspiration from Plastikman, Nico Moreno and Layton Giordani, Jonjo is consistently working on his craft to develop his own signature, otherworldly sound.


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