Up and coming Belgian artist Henri PFR has struck an exciting collab with Canadian youngster Famba for the lively pop tune ‘No One Knows‘. Featuring the warm vocals of Chiara Castelli, it’s turned into a tempting piece of dance music, incorporating sultry grooves with a tasty chorus ready to heat up every playlist this autumn season.

As both these artists have been leaving their mark on the global dance scene with an impressive series of vocally driven dance tracks, this collab represents a new momentum for them. ‘No One Knows‘ kicks off with the gentle vocals of Swiss influencer/singer Chiara Castelli, sliding into a sweet singalong chorus before a sweet electro house groove gets things moving.

Henri PFR and Famba have perfectly aligned their productional skills here, using a nice punchy bassline as well as tasty synth stabs, warm strings and reverb effects to create a cool, spacious atmosphere. It’s a vintage pop song, thanks to its infectious chorus line, and lyrics that articulate how we experience love. But thanks to these two producers at the controls, it also brings the flow and energy of a dance track, sure to raise smiles all over the globe.

‘No One Knows’ is a song that was produced in Amsterdam just over a year ago! There was such a good feeling in the studio that the core melody of the song was done in just a few hours. It’s a little more electro than what I usually do, but I’m extremely proud to share this side of my world! I’m also happy to finally be able to release this track. This vocal melody has been stuck in my mind for so long that I can’t wait to share it with the world.” – Henri PFR

“The song started a year ago at ADE, and I’m very happy with how it turned out.  Henri and I went back and forth on the production for almost a year. The song really took on a new life when I compare the final version to the demo.” – Famba

No One Knows’ is out now via Spinnin’ Records!