Toma Hawk is back with another electrifying Techno EP called ‘Blubber’ that features a whole load of twists, turns and unexpected elements that keep this whopping 10-minute title track interesting and bold. Toma Hawk eases you into a steady beat with interesting percussive sounds before you are met with a deep and dark driving bass that ramps up the pace instantly, showing that Toma Hawk definitely means business.


As the relentless beat progresses, there is a sharp hair-raising build in the atmosphere which results in ‘Blubber’ devouring you in melodies and synths. Keeping things interesting throughout, Toma Hawk drops the music out to nothing but revs of aggressive synths that tick in time with your heartbeat as he reconstructs the tracks slowly but surely adding drama with every bar, preparing and teasing you before finally, a forceful bassline takes over, conducting your every move. The second track ‘Sunday Hangover’ is another symphony of Techno excellence as Toma Hawk one again shows off his incredible talents.


Having been responsible for several trailblazing Techno tracks this year including ‘Velvet’, ‘Destination Zero’ and more recently ‘Music For A New Generation’ it is safe to say that 2020 has been an exceptional year for Toma Hawk as he has certainly put his stamp on the scene. Coming from a musical family, Toma Hawk’s impeccable ear for music and crisp production skills are a recipe for storming releases.


‘Blubber’ and ‘Sunday Hangover’ is releasing on prestigious Techno label Sub Cult which has been holding the torch for underground Techno and nurturing up and coming talent for the last 13 years. Sub Cult has been the home for many sensational artists including DJ Preach, Solid State and Steel Grooves and has gained the support for their releases from industry figureheads including Joseph Capriati, Dave Clarke and Luigi Madonna.


‘Blubber’ is out now on Sub Cult.


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